Our Story

My journey to a vegan diet began shortly after arriving in Canada and long before veganism and traceability were popular topics in food culture. Growing up in St. Lucia almost all of the food my family consumed was purchased from the produce or livestock farmers who sold their crops at the central market in the capital city of Castries. I quickly learned that this was not typical & began investigating agricultural practices & food production in North America. 


A weekly trip to a butcher shop in Toronto proved to be a wake up call as I questioned the origin of the products neatly presented in the glass case that separated me from the store associates. 

Less than a year after this incident I became a vegetarian & slowly transitioned to becoming vegan. I was fortunate that my mother and maternal grandmother had shared their culinary wisdom with me as I set out to create plant based versions of cultural favourites. 


My grandmother Mathilda was an excellent cook with the ability to create uncomplicated, delicious dishes from local staples, meats & seafood, all sourced from the main market in the island's capital of Castries. She encouraged my creative pursuits and served as the inspiration for the brand. 


Early in my childhood I learned the importance of the environment, the advantages of eating seasonally, and the benefits of a diet comprised of whole, unprocessed foods. This was clean eating at its finest with real food at the centre of every recipe. I also learned that cooking quality food takes time and dedicating time to the process results in appetizing, healthy dishes.


Chez Mathilda’s mission is simple: to create nutritious, tasty food that is good for people and good for the planet too. I believe that plant-based food can be delicious and nourishing without excess salt, sugar, or fat. Our dishes are produced in small batches, from fresh, organic ingredients sourced from local certified suppliers. Crafted with love and pride in traditional ways, each recipe celebrates the island's heritage and creole culture.

Taste Tradition in Every Bite.